Shatner Twits Salmond


William Shatner responded to Alex Salmond using the name James T. Kirk recently when traveling.

The former First Minister of Scotland was initially denied entry to his flight at Heathrow because the name didn’t match the name on his passport.

Shatner got wind of the incident via his Twitter fanbase and he said “I seem to be really popular in Scotland these days. Don’t understand it but I’ll take it!”

He then tweeted Salmon directly saying “There are easier ways to ask for an autograph!”

Salmond answered him back, saying “But who is who? 😉 #SetPhasersToFun.” He included a photo of Shatner in a suit and one of himself photoshopped into a Star Trek photo as Kirk.

Source: Alex Salmond's Twitter Feedvia William Shatner's Twitter Feed

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