Trekland: On Speaker Honors Star Trek: Voyager

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Larry Nemecek‘s latest volume of his Trekland: On Speaker features Star Trek: Voyager.

“Twenty years ago, 1995 saw the launch of Star Trek: Voyager as the franchise’s return to network television, headed by the first-ever female lead captain in Star Trek history.

“And now, Star Trek author/producer Larry Nemecek digs deep into his five hundred plus hours of longform interviews on analog tape to return to 1994 and 1995 and his long extended conversations with those who built Voyager.

“The result is the fourth volume in his Trekland: On Speaker series, Voyager’s Premiere: Taking Care of Caretaker.

“‘These are not sound bites and quickie blurbs for TV, but extended, sixty or ninety minutes interviews at season’s end that have now been digitized and remastered,’ Nemecek explained.

“‘And, of course, it’s all from the producers, writers and designers who really made the creative decisions behind the moments fans love—far more than even the cast. In long extended clips that have never been heard before in public,’ he added.

“Making their debuts On Speaker for Vol. 4 are co-creator/executive producer Jeri Taylor, the godmother of the Janeway character, and Emmy-winning production designer Richard James. There’s also director Winrich ‘Rick’ Kolbe and visual effects Emmy winning producer Dan Curry.

Trekland: On Speaker Volume 4 comes as a physical CD in a hard-shell jewel case, with a tri-fold liner bearing extensive notes and original photos; the disc and each track also include more introductory thoughts from Dr. Trek.”

Trekland: On Speaker Volume 4 is available now from Nemecek’s website. Cost for the CD is $21.99. To order, head to the link located here.

Source: VisionaryTrek

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