Shatner On Kansas State Band Fine


Last weekend, a Kansas State halftime football show caused quite a stir, resulting in a $5000 fine for the school.

A routine that showed the USS Enterprise attacking a Kansas Jayhawks mascot was deemed inappropriate.

The routine, seen below, brought complaints that the alleged Enterprise was really male genitalia and that the attack on the Jayhawk was really a sexual act.

Most who saw it, including this reporter, didn’t see any such thing. The band wouldn’t win awards for its depiction of the Enterprise, but it looked nothing like a male penis.

Shatner agreed with the majority. “I think it’s time for the @Big12Conference leaders to step down and get their eyes checked,” he said, via Twitter. “What a travesty! I wonder if Mother Nature needs to apologize for cloud formations with these same people?”

What do you think? Does it look like the Enterprise or something else?

Video courtesy of Michael Hausam.

Source: ESPN

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