Elba’s Star Trek Beyond Villain


Idris Elba spoke briefly about his Star Trek Beyond villain character.

Elba will not be a Klingon, but an original character.

Simon [Pegg] and the team have written a very interesting, complex journey for my character,” said Elba. “You’ve never seen me play a character like this.

“I think Star Trek has prided themselves as being quite classic when it comes to villains, like ‘he’s a guy who wants to end the world,’ there’s no doubt about that. But in this version of the film, there’s a slightly different twist to that. It’s quite an interesting journey, which I think is groundbreaking for the franchise. But, it still keeps with the ‘classic bad guy is a classic bad guy’ tone.”

Working on Star Trek Beyond is no easy job. Elba has been putting in long hours on the movie. “It’s been hard work,” he said. “I’ve been doing eighteen-hour days. It’s tough work, but I’m looking forward to people seeing this film.”

Star Trek Beyond arrives in theaters July 22, 2016.

Source: MTV

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