Couple Marries In Trek-themed Wedding


Two British Star Trek fans married in a Trek-inspired ceremony.

Kim Henderson and Gordon Florence wore ceremonial white uniforms as seen at the Riker-Troi wedding in Star Trek: Nemesis. Their seven-month-old daughter Jadzia also wore a uniform.

The couple met at a Manchester comic-con two years ago, but both were dressed as different sci-fi characters; Kim as Princess Leia, and Gordon as Doctor Who‘s The Master.

“I’ve always known I wanted a Star Trek-themed wedding since I was a lot younger,” said Kim. “This is great though with lots of our guests dressed as Star Trek characters or in their favorite characters costumes.”

“It’s great to see people making an effort and seeing Jadzia dressed as a mini Kim,” said Gordon.

“I did not expect a standard wedding from these two,” said best man Alex Hayes-Newook. “They aren’t a traditional couple; they are out of this world. They’re made for each other — I could not imagine them without one another — the three of them are a golden family.”

The couple’s home is filled with Star Trek memorabilia, with only the bathroom and the kitchen Star Trek-free. To see a short video featuring their Trek collection, head to the link located here.

Source: The Bolton News

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