Virtual Reality Enterprises


A free project on Reddit will let fans fly around several of their favorite Star Trek starships.

The project comes courtesy of William Palmer, and it can be used without a virtual reality headset.


Starships included in the project range from the original series version though the Enterprise-E. Alas, there is no love (yet) for Deep Space Nine or the USS Voyager.

“Enterprises v1.1 lets players view all eight of the ships from the franchise in VR using the Oculus Rift’s second development kit (DK2). These ships are to scale and players can cycle through them, taking advantage of features such positional tracking to inspect them in greater detail. Improvements to this new version include additional details to certain models, gamepad support and upgrades to the software’s performance.”

To download Enterprises, head to the link located here.


Source: PCGamesNvia VRfocus

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