Trek Class Gets Shatner’s Attention


A professor offering a Star Trek class got a little attention from Captain Kirk himself.

Syracuse University Professor Anthony Rotolo is offering a free online class (open to the public) about Star Trek and its effect on the real world.

“We will focus on media history and the real-world implications of technologies Star Trek started or inspired,” Rotolo explained. “We use computer software as weapons. Folks can go out and buy a drone. It’s a new frontier. I think Star Trek still has a lot to say. It’s as relevant as it ever was.”

Students will also learn about the “history and evolution of the franchise,” “science facts and fiction,” and “the tradition of using sci-fi storytelling to explore issues such as race, gender and politics.”

Shatner learned about the course courtesy of a Twitter fan and he told the fan “watch this!”

He then tweeted out a message to his many Twitter fans. “Hey @rotolo, can anyone sign up for your class? How do I know you got it right?”

“There’s always room for you in #TrekClass, Captain!” replied Rotolo.

The Star Trek class begins in September and runs through December. For more information, head to the link located here.


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