Star Trek Beyond: More McCoy


Fans grumbling about a lack of Dr. McCoy in the last two Star Trek films will be glad to hear that things will be different in Star Trek Beyond.

According to The Telegraph, Spock will be spending more time with McCoy in Star Trek Beyond. “He doesn’t share many scenes with his good friend Chris Pine,” who plays Captain Kirk, instead spending most of his screen time with Karl Urban‘s [McCoy].”

“Those characters are so diametrically opposed that it’ll be nice to see them interacting,” said Quinto.

Quinto also spoke a bit about Spock while doing press for Hitman: Agent 47 over at Den of Geek. When told that there was “still some level of us never being quite sure of [Spock’s] motivations,” the actor agreed.

“I think character really dictates that,” he said, “and Spock is a character with a lot of internal opposition, and so yes, I do feel like a lot of things Spock experiences and goes through happen internally and perhaps invisibly, or under the surface, but it informs the way he communicates or relates to other people.”

Source: Den of Geekvia The Telegraph

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