Quinto: Star Trek Beyond Without Abrams


The feel of the set is different without J.J. Abrams, said Zachary Quinto.

But the actor has no complaints about director Justin Lin.

“Invariably there’’s going to be a different vibe when you remove someone as gregarious and outgoing and talented as J.J.,” said Quinto. “But Justin has come in with this really interesting and confident energy that’s a little bit more reserved and a little bit quieter, but also very powerful and really sure-handed. He knows exactly what he wants this movie to look like and that’s really exciting.”

Quinto also has no problems with co-star Simon Pegg writing the story. “It’s been incredible to have Simon be so integrally involved in the story because he knows us all so well and he knows our characters all so well,” he said. “We don’t have to walk very far if we have any questions or concerns about stuff in the script!”

Source: MTV

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