Quinto: If I Wasn’t An Actor…


Zachary Quinto praised the benefits of therapy and expressed his admiration for psychologists.

The actor, who has been in therapy himself over the years, would even go into the field himself if he was not an actor.

“[I’d] probably be a psychologist [if I was not an actor],” he said. “I love therapy – I’ve been in therapy for a long time. I think psychologists are a tremendous benefit to people if you’re prepared to dive in as far as you’re willing to go into yourself. So I feel that if I didn’t have an outlet to express that exploration in acting, I’d want to be engaged on a fuller level in psychotherapy.

“To be able to be a guide for other people – that’s an aspect of what we do as actors in the characters we play, especially when they’re as archetypal as Spock.”

Source: XPose.ie

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