Pegg: Less Scotty In Star Trek Beyond


According to Simon Pegg, fans will see less of Scotty in Star Trek Beyond.

The writer/actor made the statement while promoting his latest work in the sci-fi comedy Absolutely Anything.

Pegg was asked first how much pressure he was under to finish the Star Trek script. “There is a lot of pressure,” he said. “I feel like it’s something…the way moviemaking works these days is that as soon as you have a structure and all the sets and the kind of physical aspects of the film are locked in, the dialogue and stuff is always a moveable [illegible] so we’ll be writing it right up until the edit, I think. So the pressure to get a kind of set structure is on, but I think with everything else, it’s a work in progress.”

Then Pegg was asked if Scotty would play a bigger part in Star Trek Beyond. “I feel like less,” he said. “Because I am going to have to be on set all the time anyway as a writer so I should write myself out so I can have time to be the writer.”

The Trek comments begin at around the 3:17 mark in the clip.

Source: Metro

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