New Star Trek Beyond Set Pictures

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More images have emerged from Star Trek Beyond, including at least one alien.

There are more shots of the large construction site with broken trees, and two shots of characters.

A new alien has been spotted. The alien has a white face and appears to be bald. The face is covered by some sort of markings that extend up over the forehead and onto the top of the head.

The white ponytail has been seen! TrekToday has reported about it and a white pony ail was seen in the selection of wigs in an article posted a week ago, but in this picture, someone is finally wearing the white ponytail. It is unknown if this is a human or an alien character.

The last picture is one of the large construction set.

Click on thumbnails for larger-sized photos. More photos can be found at the referring sites.






Source: TrekCorevia

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