Two New IDW Publishing Trek Comics

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Later this year, two new Star Trek comic book projects will make their debut.

The comics include Star Trek #50, and a new Starfleet Academy mini-series.

Star Trek #50 will arrive in October. This series is one of the longest-running Trek comics and the fiftieth issue will be a special one, complete with bonus content and “behind-the-scenes looks at the entire fifty-issue run.”

In this issue, written by Mike Johnson with a cover by Tony Shasteen, a three-part adventure begins with the introduction of the original series’ Mirror Mirror episode set in the rebooted Trek Universe.

In December, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy makes its debut. See Kirk, Spock, Uhura and “some surprise faces” while they were still cadets at Starfleet Academy, with a setting just prior to Star Trek (2009). An all-new “current day” class of Starfleet cadets will also be introduced.

“I am so excited to flesh out a new chapter in the lives of the Enterprise crew,” said Editor Sarah Gaydos. “while introducing you to a great new team of recruits – – ready to boldly go!”

Written by Mike Johnson and Ryan Parrot, this new series will feature art by Derek Charm.

Source: Comics Continuum

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