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A new Star Trek non-fiction book currently in the fundraising stage will delve into the economics of Star Trek; how it works and how we get there from here.

Written by Manu Saadi, Trekonomics will launch in both digital and traditional book form.

In Star Trek, ” humanity has reached abundance. Thanks to scientific progress and good governance, the Federation has overcome the social ills commonly associated with the uneven distribution of material wealth. The citizens of the Federation no longer work to sustain and provide for themselves — they find meaning in more elevated pursuits.

“This state of economic bliss, however, is not without difficulties. For one, the Federation and its fire department-cum-diplomatic arm, namely Starfleet, operate in a galaxy where equally (if not more) advanced species do not live by the same altruistic motivations. Most notably, the ever-scheming Ferengis view the relentless acquisition of private wealth as their cardinal purpose in the universe.

Trekonomics takes readers on a journey through Star Trek‘s fictional society, its mores and values, and its sources of inspiration in classic sci-fi. But it also looks hard at the challenges posed by it. How does Star Trek solve what Keynes called “the economic question,” the old and stubborn quandary of the allocation of scarce resources? How can it benefit all without depriving anyone? And what could that mean for us, the passengers of Starship Earth?”

The campaign to publish Trekonomics is in progress and will run through the end of September. The two hundred page book is a very reasonable $9.99.

Those interested in reading the introduction and first chapter can find those, along with further information, by heading to the link located here.

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