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Star Trek fan Steve Doman has turned his Colorado cabin into a Trek-themed retreat.

The sixty-nine-year old fan has spent fourteen years making the transformation happen.

Doman bought the cabin in 1986 and has thus far converted six of the eight rooms into Trek-themed rooms. He plans on finishing the other two rooms. “I still have a couple more rooms to finish off when everything downstairs is to my liking,” he said, “so I figure I have enough work to last me until I’m 73 years old – if I ever get that far!”

This is not the first transformation for the cabin. Before it became a Trek cabin, it had a southwestern theme and an antique homestead theme. “People can’t believe I’ve changed my house three times in twenty-nine years now this is a dream house for a person that loves Star Trek.”


Two of the rooms include the Federation Room, and the Klingon Ambassador Quarters, where Doman sleeps.

“I was always interested in the future, right from the first Star Trek,” said Doman. “I would always get home as fast as possible to watch it – I’d never seen anything like it before.


“I never liked being in the now my life was always agonizing because I struggled socially.

“The future gave me a way to get out of that, and Star Trek became a bridge for me, like a crutch. I like to live in the future, it feels safer for me.”

Doman has spent over $30,000 on the renovations so far.

Source: The Daily Mail

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