Pegg: Star Trek Beyond Scary



For Simon Pegg, having the responsibility for writing Star Trek Beyond is “terrifying.”

The long history behind the franchise is part of the reason.

“You’re forced to bring into focus what [the Trek universe is] actually about,” said Pegg. “And it is a very human story, Star Trek. Writing for characters like Spock and Kirk, you’re aware that it’s literally fifty years of history there. You want to advance it, but at the same time you have to ground it in what’s come before.”

In its day, Star Trek worked contemporary issues into their stories, and according to Pegg, that comes naturally. “I don’t think you have to pay attention particularly [to contemporary social issues], because those things emerge subconsciously anyway,” he said. “Any expression of art always reflects the preoccupations and fears of the collective subconscious of the time.

“One reason Star Trek has become a phenomenon is that it’s an inclusive universe. It’s very idealistic, tolerant, super-integrated, albeit still led seemingly by white human beings! But the thrust of it, [Gene] Roddenberry‘s desire was to make this future world where the notion of integration wasn’t even an issue.”

“I want to make sure we keep doing that,” said Pegg, “and keep Roddenberry’s dream alive.”

Source: Wired

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