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A memorial for Leonard Nimoy was held at Symphony Space in New York City and friends and family shared their memories of the actor at the event.

Nimoy had funded Symphony Space, a performing arts center on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and one of its two theaters bears his name.

On Monday, a day of programming was dedicated to Nimoy, and a free ten-hour Star Trek episode marathon took place. That evening, those who knew Nimoy best came together to remember the actor;  including his wife Susan, daughter Julie, son Adam, Zachary Quinto, John de Lancie, Ted Danson and more.

De Lancie told a story about Nimoy and his love of Hershey’s Kisses. While working on Alien Voices (an audio drama) together, Nimoy was prone to eating the chocolate during the recording session.

“Where Leonard was concerned, there was no such thing as a bad piece of chocolate,” said de Lancie. “Whenever we started recording, he would dive into a bowl of Hershey’s Kisses.”

But chocolate “gums up the works,” said de Lancie, and the recording engineer asked de Lancie to tell Nimoy to refrain from eating it during recording. “YOU tell him,” said de Lancie. But he did talk to Nimoy, suggesting “a nice apple” instead. Nimoy laughed and ate more chocolate.

The engineer fixed the problem though, creating an algorithm that “filter[ed] out the chocolate. Nimoy was free to continue munching on the chocolate treats.

Quinto spoke about his relationship to Nimoy, to whom he became very close. “I could never imagine he’d become more of a father figure to me than anyone in my life since I lost my own father thirty years ago,” he said. “He was a seeker of the highest order…and inspired millions of people to strive for dignity and truth.

“We are the luckiest who knew him…we have been, and always shall be, your friend.”

Source: The New York Times

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