Dante: Sweltering As Maab



For Michael Dante, taking on the role of Maab in the original series’ Friday’s Child meant dealing with extreme heat.

Dante was offered the role when Gene Roddenberry saw him on Custer, a short-lived “military-western” series.

“He called me in and said the role was mine if I wanted it,” said Dante. “He described the show as a western in the sky.”

Dante’s episode felt like it was filmed in Death Valley though. “The exterior shots were filmed at Vazquez Rocks, near Santa Clarita, California, where it was one-hundred-and-seventeen degrees,” said Dante, who was dressed head to foot in a hot costume. “It was a beautiful outfit, but with no air circulation. So much perspiration drained into my boots that I squished when I walked. I lost seven pounds on the first day of shooting.”

Taking part in Star Trek means being recognized by its devoted fans, even years later. Once, during a trip to the San Diego Zoo with his niece and nephew, Dante was recognized by some Trek fans. “As we stood by the giant bird cage,” he said, “I noticed four people staring my way and they yelled ‘Maab!’ One girl even carried a thick portfolio filled with Star Trek photos. I signed some, and asked how she happened to have them with her. ‘You never know when you’ll run into a Star Trek actor’ was her reply.”

Star Trek fans are amazing,” said Dante; “the best in the world.”

Dante will be appearing at the Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas next month.

Source: The Times

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