Anovos Trek Phaser Replicas



Fans attending last weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con were treated to a preview of Anovos‘ forthcoming Star Trek phaser replicas.

Plans are in the works for five new replica phasers.

Three of the phaser replicas will be phaser rifles, while two will be hand phasers. The phasers will include:

  • Star Trek DS9 Type III “Siege at AR-5558” Variant Phaser Rifle
  • Star Trek First Contact Picard Variant Phaser Rifle
  • Star Trek First Contact Version 2 Phaser Rifle
  • Star Trek First Contact Type II Hand Phaser
  • Star Trek Nemesis Type II Hand Phaser

The various phasers will include “LED displays and other light features, such as the phaser emitter, functioning access panels with internal details, and retractable straps.”

More information will be provided on the phaser replicas, including price and release dates, as the information becomes available.

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Anovos 2015 San Diego Comic Con Wish Book Star Trak phasers page

Source: The Trek Collective

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