2016 Hallmark Trek Ornaments



The 2016 Hallmark line of Star Trek-themed ornaments has been unveiled.

This year, there are more ornaments than usual as well as a plush character set.

Ensign Pavel Chekov will make his debut as an ornament, part of the Star Trek Legends series.

Fans of the Man Trap episode will want to pick up the ornament featuring a scene from this original series episode, which aired in 1966. On the ornament, the salt vampire creature is attacking Captain Kirk.

Next year’s Hallmark Trek ship will be the USS Enterprise, painted gold for the anniversary year. The USS Enterprise ornament will feature sound from the series.

A tabletop display will be released for the 50th anniversary. Featuring Kirk, Spock and McCoy as they appear on the bridge, the light-up display will play dialogue from “memorable scenes” in the series.

Finally, Hallmark is offering the Star Trek 50th Anniversary Itty Bittys Collectors Set. The set includes Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Uhura.

Source: StarTrek.com

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