Trek-themed Car Accessories



Star Trek fans can now deck out their cars with Trek-themed accessories.

Various products from Plasticolor include air fresheners, a sunscreen, a steering wheel cover, floormats and more.

There are two Trek-themed air fresheners, and fans can choose from either a Starfleet Delta, or a Vulcan hand sign air freshener. Two fresheners are included in the packages, which sell for $2.99 each.

Keep your car cool with the original series Bridge Accordion Sunshade, which features Kirk and crew. The sunshade will sell for $11.99 and will arrive next month.


The Star Trek Delta Logo Speed Grip Steering Wheel Cover will also arrive in July. Measuring about 15 1/2-inches x 14 1/2-inches, the (leather-like) molded core “stretches snuggly around the steering wheel in seconds on most cars, trucks, and boats,” and will cost $12.99.

Keep those car floors clean with the Star Trek Delta Command Rubber Floor Mat 2-Pack ($37.99) and the Star Trek Delta Logo Rubber Utility Mat ($12.99). Both products will arrive next month.


Other items include a yellow Star Trek Delta Symbol Shoulder Pad ($6.99), a set of Star Trek Delta Symbol Auto coasters ($7.99), a Star Trek Delta Logo High Back Seat Cover ($17.99), A Star Trek Delta Command Lanyard ($3.99) and a Star Trek Delta Symbol Key Chain ($3.99).

All of the Plasticolor Trek items can be found here.

Source: The Trek Collective

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