Trek Ship Model Kits Arriving Soon



Five new Star Trek ship models will begin arriving, starting this month.

The ships will come courtesy of Round 2 Models.

Four ships are from the Ships of the Line model kits. The snap-together ships will be 1:2500 scale, and will be pre-painted. The ships, which include a TOS USS Enterprise, USS Reliant, USS Defiant, and Klingon D7, were released earlier, but as unpainted models.

Each ship model includes a collectible trading card featuring images from a Star Trek: Ships of the Line calendar. For more details, head to the link located here.

Round 2 Models will also be offering a re-issue of their AMT USS Enterprise Cutaway Model, which was first released “a few decades ago.” This release of the USS Enterprise (1:537 scale) will include “an expanded decal sheet, a base and new box art.”

To see more, head to the link located here.

Source: The Trek Collective

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