Trek Diamond Select Toys At San Diego Comic-Con



Diamond Select Toys has announced its lineup of products for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, which will take place this July.

The toys will include a Star Trek starship.

The starship to be offered is the Star Trek USS Defiant NCC-1764. “As seen in the classic Star Trek: The Original Series episode The Tholian Web, the Constitution-class starship U.S.S. Defiant was caught in an interphasic rift, leading to madness and death among the crew before being drawn into another dimension. To celebrate the impending anniversary of the original series, DST will bring a limited run of this sixteen-inch model, cast in translucent green plastic to simulate the effects of interphase, to their booth at Comic-Con! Packaged in a full-color window box with a display stand.”

Only two hundred of the USS Defiant starships will be available at the Diamond Select Toys booth (#2607).

Other toys at the Diamond Select Toys booth will include: Gotham “Roughed Up” Penguin Exclusive Action Figure, Gotham Minimates Fateful Meeting Jim Gordon & Bruce Wayne two-pack, Batman: The Animated Series “Almost Got ‘Im” B&W Batman Resin Bust, Batman: The Animated Series “Almost Got ‘Im” B&W Catwoman Resin Bust, Batman The Animated Series Femme Fatales “Almost Got ‘Im” Harley Quinn B&W PVC Statue, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Minimates Comic-Style B&W Box Set, Podcast Pals Kevin Smith Vinimate Vinyl Figure, Ghostbusters Angry Stay Puft Metal Bottle Opener, Marvel Minimates Ant-Man Movie Exclusive Box Set, and Ghostbusters Slimed Logo Pizza Cutter.

The San Diego Comic-Con takes place July 9-12.

Source: Art Asylum

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