Trek Actors Get A Raise



A last-minute raise was negotiated for the stars of Star Trek 3.

Plus – Paramount is thinking ahead to Star Trek 4.

The Star Trek actors only received “nominal raises” to do Star Trek into Darkness, and were looking for a better deal for Star Trek 3.

Paramount would have preferred to again give only nominal raises, but there were two things standing in the way of that; a potential legal issue, and the rising star power of several of the actors.

Some of the actors and their representatives claimed that since seven years had passed, the original deals were no longer valid as California law dictates that a “personal services contract cannot bind someone for more than seven years.” The seven years in question ended in 2014.

Paramount did not agree with that, and it was possible that legal actions could have been taken by either side.

Plus – at least two of the stars, Chris Pine, and Zöe Saldana, are now more popular and command more these days than when Star Trek (2009) or Star Trek into Darkness was being made.

Paramount gave concessions to the actors, including “hefty raises and better performance bonuses,” but they wanted something in return. In exchange for the raises for both Pine and Quinto, the studio wanted the pair to grant options for a fourth Star Trek movie, and they have done so.

Pine is walking away a big winner, going from $600,000 for Star Trek (2009), to $1.5 million for Star Trek into Darkness, and now to more than $3 million dollars for Star Trek 3.

Not a bad deal!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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