Trek Actor On Shatner’s Brown Bag Wine Tasting



Another Trek actor has appeared on William Shatner‘s Brown Bag Wine Tasting show; this time it was Wil Wheaton.

Brown Bag Wine Tasting airs weekly on Ora.TV.

“I’m using wine as a way to explore the psyche of each of my guests,” said Shatner.

In the episode with Wheaton, topics include Wheaton’s love of brewing beer, being a nerd, video games, and of course, Star Trek.

Known also for his love of video games, Wheaton explained why he is drawn to them. “There’s something that happens in video games that just can’t happen in movies,” he said. “They are interactive. When I was a kid. I was crazy about Star Trek. I was over the moon about Star Trek and I always wanted to be in command of the Enterprise. Today, I could go to Star Trek Online and I could command a starship of my own!”

Watch the episode below to hear more and to find out which wine was chosen for this episode. More episodes can be found at the Ora.TV link, located here.

Source: Press Releasevia CNET

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