Takei: Shatner Keeps Feud Going



According to George Takei, William Shatner keeps their “feud” alive for his own purposes.

That purpose is getting extra publicity.

“It’s all coming from Bill,” said Takei, when asked about the years-long feud. “Whenever he needs a little publicity for a project, he pumps up the so-called controversy between us.”

According to Takei, Shatner used Takei’s wedding invitation (or alleged lack thereof) to attack Takei, so that Shatner could promote a new show. “Two months after my wedding, he went on YouTube and ranted and raved about our not sending him an invitation,” said Takei. “We had. If he had an issue, he could have easily just phoned us before the wedding, simple as that. But he didn’t. And the reason he raised that fuss two months later is because he was premiering his new talk show, Raw Nerve.

Shatner doesn’t play well with others, said Takei, dating all the way back to their days together on the original series. “It’s difficult working with someone who is not a team player,” said Takei. “The rest of the cast all understand what makes a scene work — it’s everybody contributing to it. But Bill is a wonderful actor, and he knows it, and he likes to have the camera on him all the time.”

Source: New York Times

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