Super-Fan Builds Tackles Trek



A Star Trek “super-fan” was the recipient of a Trek-themed computer desk and chair courtesy of Tim Baker and Super-Fan Builds.

Super-Fan Builds, a webseries, features Baker and a team of prop designers who create “mind-blowing tributes to beloved shows, movies, and videogames.”


The show acts on nominations sent in by friends or loved ones. In their latest episode, Star Trek Computer Table & Office Chair,” “super fan” Jake Geiger was nominated by his girlfriend Christina Haberkern.


Baker and team made a desk and chair, based on the USS Enterprise. “The intricately detailed computer desk, made from heavy-duty foam and fiberglass resin, looks ready enough to explore other galaxies, but for the time being, it’s equipped with a USB hub so the pilot can navigate the Web.” The desk and chair are also wired for lighting.

“I love it; it’s amazing,” said Geiger. “It’s a little small.” But accurate!”

Source: CNETvia

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