Shatner’s Clangers Arrives In US



William Shatner is narrating the US version of The Clangers, which will make its US debut later this month.

The Clangers is “a contemporary version of the BBC’s beloved British stop-animation television show from the 1960’s.”

In this show aimed at children, “the Clangers are a “unique family of imaginary, pink, long-nosed [mouse-like] creatures who live on a small blue planet in space. These inquisitive and adventurous creatures – who are very loving and supportive of each other and their friends – communicate through high-pitched Clanger whistles. The Clangers family – alongside a cast of many other peculiar creatures – create a warm and harmonious world of fun, imagination, exploration and invention.”

The Clangers will debut on Sprout‘s Sunny Side Up Show at 11 AM on June 20 and will also run every night at 8pm within The Good Night Show. Twenty-six episodes of The Clangers will be produced.

Source: Deadlinevia Hollywood Outbreak

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