Shatner: Better Late Than Never



William Shatner will join four other men in the NBC adventure series Better Late Than Never.

Henry Winkler, Terry Bradshaw, George Foreman, and Jeff Dye will also star in the series, which will feature hour-length episodes.

Billed as an “alternative comedy project,” the five men will “travel together to Asia in search of intimate, life-changing experiences.

“With no assistants and no limos, the quintet must deal with all the unexpected twists and turns that come with any trip while also communicating with the locals, immersing themselves in local traditions and enjoying exotic food. As they check off items on their bucket lists, the men will also rely on each other for support, encouragement and friendship.”

The men will travel to Asia; stopping in Tokyo, Kyoto, Seoul, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Chang Mai.

Better Late Than Never begins production in August.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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