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Zachary Quinto shared his memories of Leonard Nimoy with Time Magazine recently.

The world was “a better place for having had Leonard Nimoy in it,” said Quinto.

Although not a fan of Star Trek as a child, Quinto was aware of Nimoy. “Of course, I was aware of, and fascinated by, his work as Spock, and also his series In Search Of…, which I watched as a curious youngster,” said Quinto.

Once he took on the role of Spock in Star Trek (2009), Quinto turned to Nimoy for help, and received more than he expected from the actor. “Initially, I was coming at it all from a strictly creative standpoint,” said Quinto. “I wanted to know that I had his support and that I could utilize him as a resource and guide through the journey of discovering who this character is for me. But what I never imagined was how close we would become, and what a father figure he would be to me.”

Nimoy helped fill a role for Quinto, that of his own father, who died when Quinto was young. “I lost my own father when I was very young, so to have this man come into my life and resonate so many qualities to which I aspire, and be such an example of dignity and grace and fulfillment — that was the part of it that so far exceeded any expectations I could have had,” said Quinto.

Nimoy genuinely cared about Quinto. “We would often talk about things that I was going through, and he had a way of guiding me with questions,” Quinto explained. “He would inquire as to the way I felt about a particular experience, or he would ask, ‘Is this a serious person? Is this someone that you respect? Is this something that you’ve grown from, and if you’ve grown from it, how have you grown?’ We would talk in these ways that were very organic, and yet there was also a depth to our conversations, even though neither of us was trying to be deep.”

Nimoy’s loss is painful for Quinto, but Quinto is appreciative for the time he had with the actor. “While it is true that I feel a profound sadness at the loss of a great man and an even greater friend, that sadness is not only counterbalanced — but outweighed — by the tremendous gratitude I have for the time we shared, the laughs we had and the stories of our connection that I will cherish forever,” said Quinto. “The world is a better place for having had Leonard Nimoy in it, and I am a better man to be sure.”

Source: Time

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