Quinto On AIDS Monument Board



Star Trek into DarknessZachary Quinto has joined the board of the Foundation for a National AIDS Monument.

The West Hollywood foundation seeks to develop an “enduring physical and interactive testament to the historic and future fight against HIV and AIDS,” which would be the “the nation’s first monument created to memorialize, by name and likeness, Americans who died as a result of HIV/AIDS.”

“I am excited to be part of the AIDS Monument Foundation Board of Directors, particularly because while the mission is to honor the lives of those lost as well as celebrating the people who fought and continue to fight for change and an end to HIV/AIDS, it looks ahead to keep the conversation about HIV current and relevant,” said Quinto.

“The National AIDS monument will be a catalyst for conversations that can help save lives,” said Jason H. Kennedy, who is the vice-chair of the Board. “In addition to the gravitas of Hollywood that Zachary brings to the Board, he also adds an active, willing voice to reach the young people most at risk for contracting HIV.”

Source: The Wrap

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