Pegg Updates Star Trek 3 Progress



The first draft for Star Trek 3 has been written and the movie will soon begin shooting.

Simon Pegg updated fans on the progress on the script and explained what he needed to do with the script before turning in that first draft.

“We started again six months before we were due to start shooting, which is insane,” he said. “In fact, we start shooting in Vancouver in four weeks – and we’re only handing in our first draft today.”

The script had contained one hundred-and-eighty pages, and had to be cut down to one hundred and thirty-five pages. “It’s pretty much a minute of screen time per page,” said Pegg. “Yeah, we’re gonna split it, Hunger Games-style, into parts one and two,” he joked.

Star Trek 3 arrives in theaters July 8, 2016.

Source: Radio Times

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