Where No Garden Gnome Has Gone Before



A new ThinkGeek line of merchandise features Trek-themed garden gnomes.

Four different Star Trek Garden Gnomes are now available.

The Star Trek Kirk & Gorn gnome features the Gorn threatening Kirk, and saying “I shall be merciful and quick.”

A redshirt gnome has been blasted and lies dead on the ground, and the gnome includes the saying “Join Starfleet they said. It’d be fun they said.

Two single gnomes feature Kirk (To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before) aiming a phaser, and Spock (Live Long and Prosper), giving the Vulcan salute.

The gnomes range in size, with standing ones being nine-and-a-half inches tall and the prone ones being approximately nine inches long. The gnomes are made of durable cast polyresin and weight approximately one to two pounds.

To order, head to the link located here. Each gnome costs $24.99.

Source: ThinkGeek

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