Star Trek IV: What Might Have Been



As every fan knows, there are things that never make it into a movie, and that was the case when it came to Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home too.

Some of the changes were minor, such as name changes, but a few scenes never made it into the final cut of the film.

The name changes include Admiral Lance Cartwright, who was originally the character of Admiral Harry Morrow (seen in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock – the meanie who forbad Kirk from going to the Genesis Planet to retrieve Spock’s body).

Gillian Taylor would have been Shelley Clarke. Her precious whales would have been the less imaginative Adam and Evie instead of George and Gracie.

Two scenes that didn’t make it into the movie included one in which Commander Christine Chapel, who greets Ambassador Sarek who is trying unsuccessfully to enter the Federation Council’s meeting where the fate of his son and his son’s crewmates will be decided. Chapel puts the guard who would deny Sarek entry “in his place,” telling him that “this man is Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan, as any school child would know.”

And one scenario that was long rumored would have indeed taken place; in early drafts of the script, Saavik was pregnant with Spock’s child. In the original script, Amanda tried to tell her son during their conversation, but wasn’t able to do so. “Kirk and Saavik discuss the situation, with Saavik eventually not telling Spock.”

It’s hard to believe the movie was released almost thirty years ago.


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