Star Trek: Captain Pike Kickstarter



A new Kickstarter seeks to raise funds for a Star Trek: Captain Pike pilot.

The forty-five minute pilot would be the prequel to a feature length film called Encounter at Rigel.

Star Trek: Captain Pike will tell the story of Captain Pike “when he first takes command of the Enterprise and his first mission aboard her.” Those involved with the Star Trek: Captain Pike Kickstarter will then submit the pilot to CBS “for consideration as an ongoing cable or webseries.”

Actors who will be involved with the project include Trek veterans Dwight Schultz, Linda Park, Robert Picardo, Chase Masterson, Sean Kenney, Ray Wise, and Bruce Davidson. Jorge Pallo will also be involved in the project.

The goal for the Kickstarter is to raise $112,000, and the Kickstarter will run through June 5. To see the perks and to donate, head to the link located here.

Source: Star Trek: Captain Pike Kickstarter

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