Shatner Ride To Benefit Charity



A six day motorcycle ride from Chicago to Los Angeles next month by William Shatner will benefit charity.

The ride, scheduled to begin June 21, will take Shatner across the historical Route 66.

“I’ve helped design a motorcycle and I’m going to ride that motorcycle from Chicago to L.A. [on] June 20, I think,” said Shatner. “We’re filming it being made right now. Hopefully there’ll be a large group of people — a motorcycle gang, me, down Route 66 from Chicago to L.A., filming, streaming, and making money for charities as we stop along the way.”

“June 21 through June 27 is that ride,” said Shatner. “The shape of the ride — if they can make two bikes, we’ll sell one — otherwise we’ll invite people to come and ride with us for a day, five days — it’ll take us six days.

“The challenge will be selecting the right people to make the ride, because we’ll be on the road for six days, stopping off at bars and motels and eateries that the gang will choose. The gang will be…people with a checkered past. But instead of a gang that runs drugs, there are many gangs who do good work, good, charitable work. So my intention is to raise money for abused children and other charities that might come along the way having to do with children and veterans.”

Source: Vanity Fair

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