Pegg: Star Trek 3 Writing Pressures



Simon Pegg finds some aspects of writing to be difficult.

First of all, Pegg knows that some people are all too ready to be critical of the next movie.

“It’s a lot of pressure and it feels like there’s a huge number of people who are waiting to tear it to pieces, but then, that’s just the world at the moment,” he said.

In addition, Pegg finds it very difficult to write for one specific group. “I find it very hard to write for women,” he said. “It’s mine and [Shaun of the Dead co-writer Edgar Wright‘s] self-confessed weakness – whenever we’ve written scripts together, the women in our films are the weakest characters. It’s hard – you can understand the opposite sex, and yet still there’s a degree of authenticity that’s hard to achieve.”

But once he gets past those hurdles, Pegg turns to romantic comedies for inspiration. Why? “Because it’s all about relationships,” he said. “Myself and Doug Jung, who are writing it together, we’re writing about characters that already exist, so there are preexisting relationships there; it’s a familial setting. It’s not a romantic comedy exactly, but there are human relationships in it, and that’s what’s at the heart of a romantic comedy, too.”

Source: Film News

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