Bakula: Enterprise Was The Wild West



For Scott Bakula, the time setting was what attracted him to Star Trek: Enterprise.

The actor shared his thoughts on the series ten years after the last episode aired.

“The reason I did the show was because it was before,” he said. “I think if they had said ‘It’s going to be two hundred years after Voyager‘ I probably would have said no to it because I don’t know what that would have been. I just had a clear sense when they said ‘It’s the Wild West, before Kirk.’ I saw what that could be and was excited by the idea.”

Although Enterprise didn’t go the full seven years, Bakula believes that it was a quality show and that fans would appreciate it more over time. “I think I felt, at the time, and I think we’ve kind of proven this over time after we were off the air, that fans would grow to appreciate the show more as time went on, and discover it, and that has borne itself out,” he said. “My experience with meeting fans and meeting them at conventions is that there’s a great delight about our show that wasn’t there when it was on the air, but I’m happy and pleased that people are still discovering the show and that it has legs, basically.”

“I always look back very fondly on it,” Bakula added. “We had a great cast, and it was an honor and a pleasure to work with all the technical people behind the camera that had been there for years and were pioneers in so many respects in the ways of effects, makeup effects, and different things that they had honed on prior shows really starting with The Next Generation for those many, many years. There is just a great pleasure to work with such wonderful, bright, intelligent people who had a history on the show and cared so much and tried to just do everybody proud, first and foremost the fans, and they really responded.”

Source: Blastr

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