Ross To Attend Trek Convention



David Ross, known to original series fans for his portrayal of Lt. Galloway, can be seen at The Star Trek convention in Las Vegas this August.

The former actor is going to the convention to honor Leonard Nimoy.

Ross, a former Navy Seal, played Galloway in eight episodes of the original series. He also played Lt. Johnson in Day of the Dove.

“I haven’t gone to a Star Trek convention in years,” said Ross. “However, CBS called me up and asked me to be there because this one will be in honor of him. I think it’s a nice gesture. I really liked him.

“As far as I know there will be only three people from the original cast that will be at the convention, myself, William Shatner, and Walter Koenig, who played Chekov. It’s going to be quite the event.”

The Las Vegas Star Trek convention will take place August 6-9.

Source: Newsbug

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