Project Enterprise Campaign Debuts



A new campaign seeks to recreate the movie USS Enterprise model.

“The original team of craftsmen who designed and built the NCC-1701, are determined to return her to public service – and they will help her live long and prosper as she travels the world.”

The team includes the three who built the 1979 Enterprise; “Paul Taylor, who designed the original movie craft, Jim Dow, who built her and Paul Olsen, who airbrushed her pearl surface.”

“The original, iconic model – used in the films and seminal TV series – was bought by an anonymous billionaire in 2006 and has since fallen into disrepair and been permanently removed from the public sphere, so will never again be seen by its devoted fans or appear in another Star Trek.

“Every single aspect of the ship will be designed and built exactly as it was in
1979 and, as is the Star Trek way, the fans will be central to the experience.
Once she’s complete, they will tour her around the planet in a dazzling
spectacle, which will showcase groundbreaking new 3D technology and illusions
invented by top Hollywood magicians: returning her where she belongs, in the
hands of her ardent fans.”

This USS Enterprise will be fifty percent larger than the original one.

“The team [is] looking to raise $3 million to finance the sixteen-month project
through fan funding.”

Those who donate towards Project Enterprise will be offered exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, access to the workshop in Los Angeles during the build and even VIP entry to any event at which the completed USS Enterprise is displayed.

Perks range from a 268-page PDF ebook of Olsen’s Creating the Enterprise to “one very special numbered and signed plastic Project Enterprise Crew card that gives you unlimited VIP access to any venue where our Enterprise is displayed, anywhere in the world—forever!” This includes conventions at which the model will appear. “Many of the top conventions charge in excess of $2,000 for VIP tickets for the weekend. You just have to show up with your card and you will be given the red carpet treatment at the highest level.”

“The Starship Enterprise is arguably the most renowned and loved movie icon in the history of film and she deserves to be reborn while we’re still alive and kicking to do it, as we alone have provenance,” said Olsen.

“The millions of fans around the world have kept Star Trek alive through their devotion and love, and this is their unique chance to play a part in rebuilding the USS Enterprise.”

To learn more or to contribute to the campaign, head to the link located here.

Source: Press Release

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