Pegg Writing Kickass Role For Elba



It’s not known yet what Idris Elba‘s role in Star Trek 3 will be, but Simon Pegg is hard at work writing it and promises a “kickass role” for the actor.

Pegg made his comments during an event promoting Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation.

Elba’s role will be an original character, promised Pegg. “Idris is an extraordinary actor and we’re trying to write him a kickass role,” he said. “This is the five year mission; we’re out there. We don’t need to keep bumping into the same five people. It’s a massive universe!”

Pegg didn’t say whether Elba would be playing a character from a familiar race or not, and he joked with the interviewer when asked if Elba would actually be in the movie. “I think so,” he said. “Honestly, I read these things on the Internet…as far as I know, that’s happening.”

More of Pegg’s Trek discussion can be found beginning at the halfway mark of the video below.

Source: MTV

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