Stewart In Ad But Not The Star

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A new ad featuring Sir Patrick Stewart has the actor firmly in the background.

The ad is for Strongbow’s Hard Apple Cider.

In the ad, Stewart is holding an award received by Strongbow for best-tasting hard cider that the company received at the 2014 World Beer Championships at But Stewart’s face is hidden by the award.

When he looks out from behind the award saying “Have you got the shot yet?” he is firmly told to remain behind it.

Stewart enjoyed the humor of the commercial. “It was something which in its nature very much appealed to me and was part of some of the humor that I’ve been engaged with on the last few years, particularly on social media, and I thought that could be entertaining,” he said.

“We were very pleased with the award that we received,” said Nuno Teles, CMO of Heineken USA, the parent company of Strongbow. “So there’s the challenge: How can we communicate this to the consumer? What we wanted was to punch above our weight and have something that would be seen as super creative. Patrick Stewart really understood the idea and he was very excited about bringing that to life in a very big, big way, with a lot of humor.”

Stewart used to be a fan of the product himself. “There was a time when I was a significant cider drinker, which of course included Strongbow,” he said. “I was a brewer, I brewed my own beer, but I didn’t make cider. Now I should because I have apple orchards. Instead, all I have is apple juice.”

The ad, plus several short behind-the-scenes videos featuring Stewart, can be found here.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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