Star Trek/Doctor Who Parody Comic



A Doctor for the Enterprise, a parody from Amazing Stories featuring the original series and Doctor Who, has just been published.

Written by David Gerrold, the signed and numbered comic will be limited to only five hundred copies.

In A Doctor for the Enterprise, “what cosmic horror has brought Doctor Who to the Enterprise? Can Kirk, Spock and McCoy save their ship from an onslaught of Klingons and Daleks at the same time? Will anything bad happen to those cuddly Tribbles? Could there be an evil genius behind it all?”

Written by Gerrold; the issue features pencils and color by Troy Boyle, inks by Jeff Austin, and letters by Nic J. Shaw.

To order A Doctor for the Enterprise, which sells for $29.95, head to the link located here. If outside of the U.S., use the “without shipping” option, and the shipping will be calculated separately.

Source: Press Release

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