Spock Block Approved

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Encinitas’ City Council has approved a temporary road name change in honor of Leonard Nimoy.

The “Spock Block” proclamation will take place on Nimoy’s birthday, March 26.

“Spock Block” will be a square city block in downtown Encinitas. The borders of “Spock Block” will include Vulcan Avenue, Cornish Drive, D Street and E Street. Encinitas lies north of San Diego.

Vulcan Avenue was not named after the Star Trek Vulcans though; it was named after the Roman god. Other streets in the area sport the names of Roman and Greek gods and mythical figures such as Hygeia, Eolus and Neptune Avenues.

Although he claims to be only a casual Trek fan, City Councilman Tony Kranz wore Vulcan ears to the meeting last night and presented the idea, which won unanimous support. “Spock Block” was “an excellent opportunity to invite Trekkies to Encinitas,” he said. Kranz got the idea of renaming the area from a Star Trek fan who “wishes to remain anonymous.”

“I hope (this event) lives long and prospers, said Councilman Mark Muir.

Mayor Gaspar will make the “Spock Block” proclamation at 5 PM on March 26 on Vulcan Avenue. The renamed area will receive special signs which will remain in place through April 1.

Thanks to David Toney for the tip!

Source: UT San Diegovia NBC San Diego

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