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William Shatner was stuck in Florida and unable to make it back in time for Leonard Nimoy’s funeral, but he was able to memorialize Nimoy in a Twitter online session with Star Trek fans.

Nimoy’s funeral took place at 9 AM PT in California, the same time Shatner asked fans to celebrate Nimoy’s life with him online.

“I asked if you all would be interested in celebrating Leonard’s life today,” said Shatner. “Why don’t we reconvene at noon ET/ 9am PT and begin.”

Fans were encouraged to use the #LeonardNimoy hashtag.

First, Shatner made a few comments about his friend, and then he began answering questions from Trek fans. “Leonard and I seemed to be bound by fate to be friends,” said Shatner. “We were born four days apart.”

“He was tall, lanky, and sometimes a bit too serious.

“We worked together previous to Star Trek, first impressions: nice guy, a real professional, took the job/role seriously.

“You all know the bike story, I still get emails from fans asking if I still have the bike.” (He doesn’t, but wished that he did.)

One fan asked what was his favorite memory of Mr. Nimoy. ” Every moment I spent with him,” replied Shatner.

When asked what Nimoy was like off the set, Shatner said, “Intelligent, insightful, just a precious gem of a man.”

Shatner told another fan that the life lesson he learned from Nimoy was “to be more serious. I think he learned to be less.” But Nimoy’s seriousness made Shatner laugh, and when Nimoy was in character as Spock, Shatner tried to rattle him. “He took the role of Spock very seriously and I would try and get him to crack a smile while in his persona. It was hard to do.”

Fans may remember the Shatner roast, and the fact that Nimoy wasn’t there. Shatner explained that Nimoy “felt it was inappropriate” and that “he didn’t want me to do it.”

While Spock was “serious” and “practical,” said Shatner, “unlike Spock” he was “very warm and loving.” The best thing that Nimoy ever said to him, said Shatner, was “I love you.”

Shatner encouraged fans to “remember him and his work.”

Returning to L.A. yesterday afternoon, Shatner will no doubt visit Nimoy’s family, who will be sitting Shiva in the Jewish custom. Due to Jewish customs dictating a rapid burial, far-flung family members often can’t get back in time for the quick funeral, but are expected to show up for the Shiva, which is not unlike a wake, with people bringing food to the bereaved family and offering comfort for their loss.

To read more of the Twitter memorial, head to the link located here.

Source: Storify

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