Shatner: Celebrate Life



William Shatner defended his decision to fulfill his commitment to the Red Cross this weekend, which meant he missed Leonard Nimoy‘s funeral on Sunday morning.

Reporters caught up with Shatner at his home after he returned to Los Angeles.

“My understanding is ‘mourn the dead, but celebrate life,'” said Shatner. “I chose to celebrate life by going to Red Cross gathering in Palm Beach; raised a lot of money for the Red Cross.”

Howard Stern defended Shatner. “You’re going to criticize a guy who held up his commitment to the Red Cross? And then we’re going to judge how much he loved Leonard Nimoy?”

At the Red Cross event, Shatner, after asking for a moment of silence, told the assembled group that “I lost a friend of mine, Leonard Nimoy. He’ll never be forgotten.”

“I asked over a thousand people to remember Leonard Nimoy,” said Shatner. “Take a moment to remember then, but also remember them by doing good deeds. And good deeds will be remembered long after any other kind of memorial.”

Source: Inside Edition

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