Quinto’s Conan Appearance: Remembering Nimoy

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Last night, Zachary Quinto was on Conan and the actor spoke about losing his friend and mentor, Leonard Nimoy.

Other topics on the show included his Girls character Ace, his hair styles, Edward Snowden and privacy, and “the slap.”

“[Nimoy and I] were very, very close,” said Quinto. “and losing him was really difficult obviously. But I feel so grateful that I knew him and that he was such an instrumental figure in my life and he lived a beautiful life, and a full life, and so there really in the end, I think, was much more celebration of what he accomplished and how many lives he touched in the world and we’ll certainly miss him, but he was an amazing man.”

Conan worked once with Nimoy on The Simpsons. “I freaked out,” he said, “because he was such an indelible part of my childhood.”

“He stood for and stands for such an ideal,” said Quinto. “The character of course, but he imbued that character with so many of his finest qualities, that he really carried that energy through his life. He was an incredibly generous, and thoughtful and talented man and a painter and a poet and an art collector and a philanthropist and a director and he just, he really, we should all be so lucky to live half as fulfilled a life as he did.”

Other clips from the show can be found here, here, here, and here.

Source: Press Release

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