New Star Trek 3 Rumors



For fans hungry for news about Star Trek 3, a few new rumors about characters will be of interest.

One of the rumors is regarding several new female characters.

In the first rumor, there will be “at least three new female characters.” One of those will be the captain of another ship, according to Filmdivider.

The second new female character is supposed to be the President of the United Federation of Planets.

The third female character rumored to be in the next movie will be of interest to McCoy fans. According to the rumor, the third female character is to be McCoy’s ex-wife! And McCoy is expected to get more screen time in Star Trek 3.

The males aren’t left out when it comes to the latest batch of rumors regarding Star Trek 3. A male is said to be the villain of the next movie, and word has it that he will be “Bryan Cranston-like,” and that Cranston himself has had discussions about “taking on the role.”

Remember, all of this is not confirmed and may not pan out, but the rumors will surely set fans to speculating and thinking about the next movie.

Source: Film Divider

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