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Next month, Captain Kirk’s Boldest Missions will be released.

The two-disc set will feature eight episodes from the original series.

Last month, TrekToday reported that a new DVD set would be released on March 17, featuring eight episodes where “Captain James Tiberius Kirk steps squarely into the spotlight.”

The episodes include The Corbomite Maneuver, The Doomsday Machine, The City on the Edge of Forever, The Conscience of the King, Balance of Terror, Space Seed, Mirror Mirror, and Return to Tomorrow.

Special features will include: What Makes a Good Captain?, The Importance of the “Captain’s Log,” Captain Kirk’s Legacy and an introduction by William Shatner and Joan Collins.

The run time for the set is six hours and forty-three minutes.

Captain Kirk’s Boldest Missions will sell for a suggested retail price of $16.99.

Source: Press Release

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