McFadden Special Collections Auction

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A fundraiser by Gates McFadden offers Star Trek: The Next Generation shooting scripts, call sheets, autographs and more.

McFadden is raising funds to develop new theatrical works.

The auction opened Tuesday, and will end on Monday, February 16, at 12 AM.

Items up for auction include:

  • Descent Part II shooting script, with six autographs
  • Hollow Pursuits early draft plus three signed photos of McFadden in her costume from that episode
  • Worf Collection: Two shooting scripts (one of which is autographed), and various Worf-themed products
  • Q Collection: Deja Q shooting script (autographed), and several other Q-related items
  • Data Collection: A Fistful of Data script (autographed), Data’s Day final draft script and other Data-themed items
  • Custom Pop! Data doll
  • Pulaski Collection: Action figure, video, photos
  • Reading Rainbow Collection: Messenger bag, books (some autographed), La Forge action figure, postcard.
  • First Contact Collection. Opening night press folder (autographed) and more
  • Set Scripts: The Wounded and The Next Phase
  • Set Scripts: The Mind’s Eye and Booby Trap
  • Set Scripts: The Price and Timescape
  • Set Scripts: In Theory and The Most Toys
  • KDS Collection: Items from the KrusherdoesKrusher event

To bid on any of the items, head to the link located here.


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